A beautiful love story between a Prince and a Princess

Some clues

  • Before, a small house to which were added towers, annexes, and stables
  • A coat of arms dominates the lobby
  • A Franco-Belgian union
  • A King with a …. strong character
  • The youngest did not want to suffer the same fate as his 2 sisters
  • A designed landscape park
  • A story that starts badly but ends well

A few dates

  • 1884 – 1890: Construction of the Chateau by Charles-Joseph Logé
  • 1900: Purchase of the domain by a Brussels rentier, Philibert Mahy Duke de Montellano et del Arco and Countess Ferdinant du Monceau de Berghendael
  • 1909: Sale of the property to Prince Victor Napoleon, who settles there with his wife Princess Clémentine of Belgium, daughter of Léopold II
  • 1912: Major works of felling and replanting in the Park according to the plan drawn by Mr Jules Buyssens, Belgian 1st landscape architect.
  • 1945: Princess Clementine settles permanently in Brussels, in the “Villa Clementine» where Laurent and Claire of Belgium currently live
  • 1956: Purchase of the property by Mr Count Le Grelle
  • 1957: Purchase of the Chateau by the Special Assistance Fund for Postmen that transforms the place in a holidays centre for its staff
  • 2007: The Chateau becomes property of the Domaine de Ronchinne Ltd. through private funding
  • 2009: Opening of the Château de la Poste hotel

“I invite you to discover the history through stories and anecdotes, which I will gladly share with you on a Sunday morning after a natural waking up”

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