A whole Chateau, for you alone!

Living in a chateau for a night or a weekend, a dream comes true!

Enjoy the hotel infrastructure with free access to the park and activities. Without frills or bling-bling, we guarantee a quality service, because at our place simplicity has many tastes! A real party without having to worry about traffic and controls. Enjoy in all serenity with your guests…we take care of everything else.

Let’s talk about it!


  • 42 rooms : 23 doubles, 12 triples and 7 quadruples
  • 1 loft cube : 1 double bed, full of luxury
  • 1 tree house : 2 double beds, 3 individual showers accessible at the Petit Chateau
  • 2 trapper tents : 2 double beds and 2 single beds, 3 individual showers accessible at the Petit Chateau
  • 2 dormitories : 40 camp beds, 3 individual showers accessible at the Petit Chateau
  • The Orangerie is not a part of the privatization

Take also advantage of

  • Lobby
  • Salons
  • Bar
  • Terrace
  • Restaurant
  • BBQ space
  • Game rooms
  • Landscape park
  • Forest
  • As well as of other activities.


Double room with breakfast from €7.744- per night, all taxes included (44 double rooms and 88 breakfasts)

Half board in double room from €11.264- per night, all taxes includes (44 double rooms, 88 dinners and 88 breakfasts)

Festive formula from €18.600-, all taxes included (on the basis of 44 double rooms and 88 persons: aperitives; dinners with wine; open-bar during the party; breakfasts)

A privatization (Chateau and Petit Chateau) between May and October is only possible for 2 nights (quote on demand)

Thank you for your visit !

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